The Mount Sinai Health System’s
EMR Program for
Voluntary Attending Physicians

One Patient, One Record - A Unified EMR Solution

The Mount Sinai Health System understands that having access to a centralized patient record leads to more informed clinical decisions,improving patient safety and patient care. Mount Sinai is pleased to offer voluntary attending physicians the leading clinically integrated and comprehensive ambulatory Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management program.As we recognize the benefits of using a common system to achieve these goals, we are subsidizing the program as allowed by law.

Maintain Your Independence

  • Practice scheduling, registration and billing data is owned by you and kept private, viewable only by your practice.
  • Configuration settings are local to each practice.
  • Storage of both patient and practice information is safe, secure and private.
  • EMR data is stored and maintained in a secured data center, available 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Epic applications are HIPAA-compliant, encrypted, and accessible only to authorized individuals through a secure login.